Predictive analytics powered by bleeding-edge AI

Transcepta uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning to process massive amounts of supply chain data, identifying patterns that would be otherwise unrecognizable. The platform’s proprietary algorithms and customizable alerts ensure that you are never caught off guard by a potential problem, and that your business is always operating at peak efficiency.

Customizable alerts mitigate supply chain disruptions

Transcepta analyzes all incoming, on-hold, and ready-to-pay invoices to ensure that there are no bottlenecks or slow downs that will negatively impact your business. If on-hold invoices reach a certain customizable threshold, the platform will send an alert and automate resolution.

Eliminate invoice exceptions and operate more efficiently

Drill down into invoice exceptions to better understand what is causing them. If the platform identifies a pattern, Transcepta will suggest a resolution method, helping you quickly remedy exceptions and enabling 100% straight-through invoice processing.

Customizable reporting dashboards enable 100% visibility

Specialized reporting dashboards will improve your organization’s efficiency and decision-making by surfacing important data and relevant insights. Keep a close eye on transaction cycle times, exceptions by supplier, transaction, and reason, and customize each view to meet your business needs.

Analytics for the truly automated team

Learn how Transcepta can help to increase efficiency and improve visibility with predictive analytics and custom reporting dashboards.