Instant digital communication

The Transcepta Supplier Network is a many-to-many connection that facilitates the instant electronic transfer of data between businesses, increasing both transparency and efficiency, and helping companies automate their accounts payable processes.

Onboard suppliers quickly and at no cost

Suppliers join the network for free and can use their existing systems and processes, making onboarding fast and easy.

Connect and communicate with suppliers in any format

Transcepta builds an intelligent bridge between you and your suppliers, acting as a universal translator for all incoming and outgoing documents. Transcepta is able to digitize any document and output it in any required format. Instantly transform non-EDI documents such as PDF or XML to EDI, or vice versa, enabling seamless connection between every supplier regardless of technology restrictions.

Support for a Breadth of Transactions

The Transcepta Supplier Network enables connectivity for a number of documents, including POs, PO acknowledgements, advance shipment notices, invoices, and credit memos. All data is processed rapidly ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information to make payment decisions, contact suppliers, and avoid credit holds or other supply chain disruptions.

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