Capture Every Invoice Format, From Everyone with Transcepta AnyInvoice

As part of the Transcepta Platform, Transcepta AnyInvoice accepts invoices in PDF, EDI, XML, CSV, or through the Transcepta Supplier Portal or Virtual Printer. Regardless of format, Transcepta provides you with an electronic file and image of every invoice.

“We had to have a solution that worked for all suppliers regardless of size and invoice volume.”

AP Director, Raytheon

Eliminate Manual Work and Attain AP Efficiency

Transcepta resolves invoice exceptions automatically, saving AP teams from tedious manual work and streamlining approval.

Transcepta inspects every invoice for missing data, validates data based on other documents and your requirements, and resolves exceptions without manual intervention. Our AP Automation solution utilizes four tools to ensure invoices are compliant.


Checks an incoming invoice for the presence of data, such as PO numbers, a requester ID, or the purchaser’s email address.


Compares the incoming invoice to other documents such as the purchase order to ensure accuracy.

PO CloudMatch and Cloud Code

Learns from historical data, quantity, unit price, and other variables to predict any PO line numbers or GL codes a supplier does not include on an invoice. With each invoice you receive, PO CloudMatch and Cloud Code get more data to learn from, so that over time they can apply up to 100% of all missing PO numbers and GL codes.

Invoice Management Application

Once these validations are complete, Transcepta synchronizes invoices that are ready to pay with your ERP. Any invoices that do not pass validation can be automatically returned to the supplier for correction, or to Transcepta’s Invoice Management Application for resolution.

Benefit from the Transcepta Supplier Network

Since 2005, the Transcepta Supplier Network has serviced over hundreds of millions transactions from hundreds of thousands of companies. All of this data educates the Transcepta Platform — which means you receive more invoices ready to pay.

With Transcepta AP Automation, you’ll process invoices faster, more easily, and with less frustration.

Gain Consistency, Accuracy, and Visibility in Your AP Processes

Transcepta helps AP teams regain control over their AP processes and cash flow.

Transcepta’s AP Automation solution eliminates 90% or more of invoice exceptions. As a result, you’ll spend less time dealing with unexpected errors or tracking down missing information. With more consistency in the invoices you receive, you can focus on more important tasks such as improving supplier relationships and ensuring compliance.

Additionally, Transcepta helps AP teams eliminate errors. Because Transcepta matches PO numbers and GL codes to invoices accurately and automatically, you no longer have to worry about mismatches, over- or underpayments, or duplicated payments.

Further, the Transcepta platform provides suppliers with visibility into the status of their payments. This means AP teams no longer have to answer phone calls or reply to emails from suppliers regarding payment status. 

Transcepta’s AP Automation solution eliminates 90% or more of invoice exceptions

“We’re saving so much time and keeping our suppliers happy in the process. It’s a win-win.

Charlotte Arnold, VP Operational Accounting, The TJX Companies

Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Transcepta helps you minimize disruptions to your supply chain and enhance your supplier relationships. Transcepta Supplier Information Management unifies all your supplier information in one convenient place, including contact information, W-9, banking details, and transaction history. Transcepta Payments enables you to pay suppliers however they want — advance ship notices, card, or check. Additionally, we provide connectivity for any suppliers requiring electronic POs, POAs, and ASNs.

Transform Your AP Processes with Transcepta