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Instant, end-to-end digital connection coupled with insights powered by artificial intelligence

Transcepta is an intelligent procure-to-pay platform that connects your suppliers enabling instant end-to-end digital communication. Using artificial intelligence the platform eliminates invoice exceptions, automates labor-intensive tasks, and transforms the way that businesses make decisions and collaborate with suppliers.

Learn about the benefits of straight-through invoice processing

Learn how to eliminate exceptions, dramatically reduce AP costs and shorten invoice processing time with straight-through invoice processing.

Onboard suppliers fast and at no cost

Transcepta owns the supplier onboarding process from start to finish, taking care of the heavy lifting and eliminating the headache of supplier connection. Give us a list of suppliers and our dedicated team of experts will take care of the rest. Suppliers also join for free and can use their existing systems and processes, making migration and onboarding fast and easy.

Raytheon lowered invoice exceptions by 78%

Communicate instantly in any format

Transcepta is a many-to-many platform that facilitates the instant electronic transfer of data between supplier and business, increasing both transparency and efficiency, and helping companies automate their procurement and accounts payable processes.

Automate and streamline accounts payable

Transcepta enables 100% straight-through invoice processing from your supplier to your AP system without scanning or OCR. Using artificial intelligence the platform eliminates paper, removes grunt work in your AP team, and increases your ability to scale operations, completely transforming the way enterprise organizations manage their invoices.

Reduce risk and make better, more informed decisions

Transcepta’s predictive analytics and reporting dashboard provides visibility into every aspect of your supply chain enabling you to identify potential disruptions, make better supplier and spend decisions, and accurately forecast liability and cash flow. Get the insights you need to make data-driven decisions and optimize your business.

Make Transcepta your competitive advantage

Learn how Transcepta can help Procurement and AP teams automate supply chain operations and build a sustainable competitive advantage.