Manual, inefficient accounts payable processes are costing your business a fortune

Manual data entry, invoice exceptions, and fragmented supplier data can have a significant negative impact on your bottom line. To remain competitive in the marketplace your organization needs to operate at peak efficiency by adopting accounts payable automation.

Enable 100% straight-through invoice processing

Learn how to eliminate exceptions, dramatically reduce AP costs, and shorten invoice processing time with straight-through invoice processing.

Eliminate 100% of invoice exceptions

Problem: Only 26% of invoices are processed straight-through and up to 24% of available AP resources are spent correcting exceptions.

Most AP departments recognize that automation is the key to efficiency, but frequent invoice exceptions make it impossible to achieve AP automation goals. Even best-in-class organizations still need to manually process 40% of invoices. Transcepta completely eliminates invoice exceptions and enables AP departments to achieve 100% automation.

Connect with all suppliers digitally

Problem: Fewer than 25% of suppliers submit invoices electronically

Transcepta is the electronic glue between you and your suppliers, creating a seamless communication connection that powers restriction-free digital communication. The platform translates supplier data from any source into a truly digital format enabling you to achieve 100% electronic invoicing. Transcepta connects your entire supply chain without requiring changes to the billing system or process of your suppliers.

Onboard your suppliers with zero resource investment

Problem: The Majority of AP teams don’t have the resources to tackle a large supplier enablement project

Transcepta manages and executes the entire supplier onboarding and enablement process from start to finish. Rely on our experience, expertise, and innovative technology to remove the headache of onboarding and accelerate platform connectivity, with no fees to your suppliers.

Get the information you need, when you need it

Problem: Supplier data is fragmented and cannot be accessed quickly or efficiently

Managing a supplier chain with inaccurate and fragmented information can be both time-consuming and expensive. Transcepta simplifies invoice and supplier management by creating a single source of truth for all of your supplier information. The platform interfaces with your technology stack updating all data in real-time, helping you operate more efficiently, and build strong supplier relationships.

Reduce risk and make better, more informed decisions

Problem: AP teams don’t have outcome-driven intelligence to make informed decisions

Transcepta’s predictive analytics and reporting dashboard provides visibility into every aspect of your supply chain helping you remove barriers to straight-through processing. Identify where invoice exceptions are occuring, surface important patterns in your transactions, and get the insights you need to make data-driven decisions and optimize your business.

We wanted all of our suppliers to connect electronically, and we knew to accomplish that we had to have a solution that worked for all suppliers regardless of size and invoice volume.

— Alex Benanti, Finance Shared Service, Raytheon Company

Make Transcepta your competitive advantage

Learn how Transcepta can help Procurement and AP teams automate supply chain operations and build a sustainable competitive advantage.