Communicate with suppliers in any format

Transcepta provides an intelligent bridge between you and your suppliers, acting as a universal translator for all incoming and outgoing documents. Using a proprietary algorithm, the platform is able to digitize any document and output it in any required format. Instantly enable bi-directional connectivity between yourself and your suppliers, regardless of technology preference.

Complete P2P connectivity

Transcepta connects your supply chain by instantly translating all incoming supplier data into the required format for your system. All transaction types, including invoices, ASNs, catalogs, punch-outs, POs, POAs. PO changes, and payment status updates, can be performed electronically without complicated and resource-intensive integration.

Connect any supplier regardless of size or sophistication

Transcepta is infinitely flexible meaning there are zero technology constraints when onboarding new suppliers. This means you can have an EDI-like relationship with any supplier. The platform connects with all ERP systems and can accept EDI, XML, PDF or virtually printed documents through the Transcepta Virtual Printer. The platform’s well-documented REST API also allows quick interfaces to nearly any existing technology environment.

Onboard suppliers fast and at no cost

Transcepta owns the supplier onboarding process from start to finish, taking care of the heavy lifting and eliminating the headache of supplier onboarding. Give us a list of suppliers and our dedicated team of experts will take care of the rest. Suppliers join for free and can use their existing systems and processes, making onboarding fast and easy.

Instant communications with the intelligence to detect and correct errors proactively

Transcepta incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to process huge amounts of supplier data and surface potential problems. Learn about potential supply chain disruptions before they occur. 

7‐Eleven selected Transcepta because the Transcepta service connects vendors of any size very quickly in a scalable way. Transcepta is the only solution we’ve seen that has demonstrated that type of supplier on‐boarding success.

— John Ehrie, Vice President and Controller, 7-Eleven

Connect and optimize your entire supply chain with Transcepta

Learn how Transcepta can help you connect, digitize, and optimize your entire supply chain to increase visibility and eliminate disruptions.