Move beyond integrated OCR imaging

Oracle ERP is an industry-leading enterprise solution that helps businesses systemize accounting, financial management, project management, and procurement functions. However, to achieve the goal of 100% straight-through invoice processing, companies need to upgrade OCR-based Oracle Integrated Imaging with a solution that enables a truly automated electronic, AP process from invoice to payment.

Revolutionize P2P with Transcepta

Transcepta is the perfect complement to Oracle, helping enterprises reduce costs, communicate more effectively, and make better decisions. Transcepta’s intelligent platform enables you to connect Oracle with your supply chain to achieve 100% straight-through invoice processing, removing manual functions from the laborious procure-to-pay process.

The days of managing invoice exceptions are over

Transcepta’s P2P platform revolutionizes the status-quo of OCR scanning, moving far beyond simply eliminating paper to reach invoice-to-payment automation. The platform converts every invoice into a truly digital format, and uses an AI-driven algorithm to inspect the content for exceptions and validate it based on your business requirements. If exceptions are found, Transcepta automates resolution, then matches the invoice to the correct PO, and transfers it directly into your AP system for payment, all without manual intervention.

Transcepta helped Fidelity onboard over 2500 suppliers and transition from entirely paper invoices to 99% electronic invoices. This allowed Fidelity to shift their headcount of 18 FTE away from invoice handling to more critical tasks.

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