With E-Invoicing from Transcepta, We Connect Your Suppliers for Free to Allow 100% Straight‑Through Processing


Customers prefer Transcepta e-invoicing over other networks because our revolutionary mapping technology lets you accept only validated e-invoices into your Accounts Payable system. While exchanging documents electronically is the centerpiece of traditional networks, it is merely a starting point with Transcepta. Transcepta accepts e-invoices via email, web, EDI, or virtual printer (in PDF, CSV, TXT, or XML formats), then runs electronic validation and converts them to the format which your company prefers – true AP Automation. Learn more about how your ERP is connected to this process, here.

With Transcepta E-Invoicing:

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Suppliers do not have to change their billing process or formats

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Suppliers are connected quickly and with no charge to the supplier

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You receive 100% accurate e-invoices straight to your ERP

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You achieve straight-through processing with no new software to learn

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