E-Invoicing, Straight to Your Existing ERP or Accounting System

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E-Invoicing with No Charge to Suppliers and No New Software to Install

Accounting, Finance, Procurement, and IT departments prefer Transcepta e-invoicing over other networks because our revolutionary mapping technology lets you accept only validated e-invoices into your Accounts Payable system. While exchanging documents electronically is the centerpiece of traditional networks, it is merely a starting point with Transcepta. Transcepta accepts e-invoices via email, web, EDI, or virtual printer (in PDF, CSV, TXT, or XML formats), then runs electronic validation and converts the e-invoices to the format which your company prefers – true AP Automation.

Accurate, Easy to Use, and Efficient E-Invoicing

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Suppliers do not have to change their billing process or formats

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Suppliers are connected quickly and with no charge to the supplier

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You receive 100% accurate e-invoices straight to your ERP

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You achieve straight-through processing with no new software to learn

Your Entire Supplier Network at the Tips of Your Fingers

Receiving e-invoices is made possible by supplier participation. That’s why Transcepta encourages suppliers to connect by providing services to them for free. Transcepta also manages the entire supplier connection process and provides additional support once they are connected. This means that your AP department can focus on analyzing supplier data, not handling one-off questions.

More Than Just Receiving E-Invoices

Take advantage of the numerous programs Transcepta E-Invoicing enables