Supplier Onboarding

Transcepta Manages the Entire Supplier Onboarding Process with a Best Practice Approach

It’s unlikely your Accounts Payable or Procurement departments have the resources, desire, or skills to tackle a massive supplier onboarding project. Transcepta, on the other hand, excels in just such an effort.

the automated supplier onboarding process

Our dedicated team builds relationships with supplier stakeholders and ensures that each supplier is onboarded. We then stay connected and provide support to your entire supplier network, enabling your AP department to focus on other tasks.

To Maximize Supplier Adoption, Transcepta:

✔ Provides free connection for all suppliers

✔ Manages the entire supplier onboarding process

✔ Provides suppliers with connection options and personalized service based on size, geographic location, and IT sophistication

✔ Enables suppliers to transact directly from their existing systems

✔ Continues to support your suppliers

✔ Guarantees secure delivery

With fast, friendly, and free supplier onboarding, it’s no wonder that Transcepta is the most advanced supplier network. We make the supplier experience a great one!

Solving the Supplier Network Problem

solving the vendor supplier on-boarding riddle

A Typical Supplier Community, Before Transcepta


What happens with a typical supplier community? Some solutions tackle just one side of a problem, such as connecting your largest vendors with EDI; however, many of your other suppliers will either have to input data in a web portal, or will continue to send you paper. Transcepta has solved the supplier connection problem by offering many different types of input methods and formats. The bottom line is this: we work with each of your vendors or suppliers to ensure they are connected with the method that best suits them. We then stay connected with vendor management and customer support. That means no more paper in AP!


Supplier Onboarding Reviews

Industry Experts Endorse the Transcepta Onboarding Process:

“Transcepta is the first company we have seen with a solution that provides the ability of a supplier to transmit buyer‐ready electronic invoices without making any changes to their existing billing process, regardless of billing format.”

— Henry Ijams, Pay Stream Advisors

“We can provide a strong endorsement of the simplicity and thoroughness of what Transcepta has done for small suppliers. It’s a clever and painless supplier enablement process from the SMB vendor perspective.”

— Jason Busch, Spend Matters

Suppliers Also Prefer Transcepta:

“Being asked to use Transcepta to process invoices was a breeze. From start to finish. The entire process was easy to complete, very efficient, and impressive.The representatives walked you through the process and was complete in less than 15 minutes.”

–Jeff S., Program Manager, BEM Systems

“When our customer asked us to join Transcepta, we did because it was free and takes just a few minutes of our time to get connected.”

–Michelle W., A/R Manager, Power Supply Industries

“Transcepta provides a plug and play solution establishing a fast connectivity to our customers.”

–Jesus G., Accounting Manager, Anixter

“Due to past bad experiences with other third-party billing systems, I was hesitant to electronically transmit invoices. However, after receiving payment so quickly using the Transcepta Network, I am now a believer!”

–Karen K., Accounting Associate, Asset International

“[Transcepta e-invoicing] works out great for me, as I’ve been printing and mailing them. This new method allows me to just electronically print them, and e-mail them off in one PDF file. A few minutes cut off my process, and much more cost effective – win/win.”

–Jeanine M., Administrative Assistant, Farmer Brothers Office Coffee

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