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Accounts Receivable

Experience the Transcepta DifferenceExperience the Transcepta Difference

If Your Customer Asked You to Join the Network

Your customer-sponsored membership is free!

The Transcepta Network brings value to both you and your customer. Membership enables immediate submittal and guaranteed delivery of invoices directly into your customers' Accounts Payable system to:

  • Promote faster invoice processing and payment
  • Eliminate the costs, delays, and uncertainties associated with paper invoices sent via postal mail or fax
  • Enable automatic invoice validation and notification of incomplete or missing information
  • Track invoice payment status
  • Enhance the trading relationship with your customer

To enroll or request Information: My Customer Asked Me to Join

If You Would Like to Send All of Your Invoices via Transcepta

You are welcome to join the Transcepta Network through the Transcepta Universal Send program even without a customer invitation. This solution enables you to send all of your invoices to all of your customers via Transcepta using your current billing system with a single workflow. Transcepta then distributes your invoices to your customers in whatever format they wish to receive them, including PDF, XML, EDI, CSV, post, or fax. Transcepta Universal Send saves time, energy, and eliminates the hassle of sending invoices.

To enroll or request Information: Transcepta Universal Send

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