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Supplier On-boarding

Supplier On-boardingTranscepta Maximizes Supplier Adoption

The critical factor in implementing a high-performing Procure-to-Pay (P2P) solution is ensuring supplier participation.

Transcepta makes the supplier experience great.

  • The solution is free to all suppliers regardless of size or transactional volume.
  • Transcepta connects each supplier in less than a day regardless of the supplier sophistication level.
  • Suppliers do not have to modify their existing system or format and are not forced to do manual work in a portal.

Industry Experts Endorse the Transcepta Process

"Transcepta is the first company we have seen with a solution that provides the ability of a supplier to transmit buyer-ready electronic invoices without making any changes to their existing billing process, regardless of billing format." Henry Ijams, Pay Stream Advisors

"We can provide a strong endorsement of the simplicity and thoroughness of what Transcepta has done for small suppliers. It's a clever and painless supplier enablement process from the SMB vendor perspective." Jason Busch, Spend Matters

Transcepta Manages the Entire On-boarding Process with a Best Practice Approach

It's unlikely your Accounts Payable or Procurement departments have the resources, desire, or skills to tackle a mass-scale supplier on-boarding project. Transcepta, on the other hand, excels in just such an effort.

To maximize supplier adoption, Transcepta manages the entire on-boarding process for you. Transcepta recruitment specialists notify your suppliers of the P2P initiative and provide them with the connection options and personalized service required to select and activate the choice that works best for them—regardless of their size, geographic location, or IT sophistication. Plus, set-up is completed in minutes, enabling suppliers to transact directly from their existing systems for guaranteed, secure delivery to you.

With supplier-friendly on-boarding, it's no wonder that Transcepta is the fastest growing P2P network. We make the supplier experience a great one!

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